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A bridge exists between the peoples of Turkey and Australia. It began in the campaign at Gallipoli itself where a mutual respect developed between the opposing forces. This was reinforced by the Turkish leader Kemal Atatürk
who later said of the Anzacs:
"After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well "

  This cultural bridge is being supported by a young man from Istanbul who
has been collecting Gallipoli War materials for ten years all of which are registered with the Topkapi Palace Museum,
the principal Museum of Türkey.
  He is also building his own site 'Gallipoli Digger' (left) as a tribute to soldiers
on both sides.
He and I are currently publishing a picture of each Cemetery at Gallipoli
together with details of graves and later of as many headstones as possible
within those cemeteries. We request your support. Details HERE.


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Gallipoli Cemetery Project
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The world suffered great loss in the 8 month campaign at Gallipoli . Its youth - their dreams - their ambitions and the contributions they would have made to the countries of their birth.
The staggering figures below bear out the enormity of the horror of this loss still keenly felt today eighty odd years later
Britain 21,200
Australia 8,700
New Zealand 2,700
India 1,300 (Includes Ghurkas)
France 10,000
Turkey 86,000
Newfoundland 49
Total Fatalities 129,949
Total Wounded 261,000
Although the 3129 graves and the names of a further 6393 named on memorials on this site are but a fraction of those who died at Gallipoli, they represent all the bodies of Anzacs who were able to be identified and commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. With humility publishes these details and photos in tribute to all those who never returned to their families.