Helles Memorial
About supporting this project.
Gallipoli was a pivotal event in the forging of our Nation and the Graves of Gallipoli remind us of that tragic event.
They are part of our history.
They are part of the Australian psyche.

Help to make them available to all by supporting this project. Many trips to Gallipoli (at $200.00 per trip) are necessary to complete the project.

Donors of $20.00 or over qualify for a CD
of the whole site when completed.

With photos of all graves & monuments plus details of our soldiers at Gallipoli the CD will make a valuable addition to personal, public or school libraries and museums.
Please send donations to the address at right.

We will remember them.

We request your support.

Please send donations to:
Anzacs Graves Project
Unit 4/7 Lake St.,
Blackalls Park
NSW 2283
Please include your name address & Email.