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Out West

I've seen so much uv dirt an' grime
I'm mad to 'ave things clean.
I've seen so much uv death," 'e said-
"So many cobbers lyin' dead-
You won't know wot I mean;
But, lad, I've 'ad so much uv strife
I want things straightened in my life.
"I've seen so much uv 'ate," 'e said-
"Mad 'ate an' silly rage-
I'm yearnin' for clear thoughts," said 'e.
"Kindness an' love seem good to me.
I want a new, white page
To start all over, clean an' good,
An' live me life as reel men should."
We're sittin' talkin' by the fence,
The sun's jist goin' down,
Paintin' the sky all gold an' pink.
Said e. "When it's like that, I think-"
An' then 'e stops to frown. Said e,
"I think, when its jist so,
Uv .... God or somethin': I dunno.
"I ain't seen much uv God," said 'e;
"Not 'ere nor Over There;




But, partly wot the padre said,
It gits me when I stare
Out West when it's like that is now.
There must be somethin' else-some'ow.
"I've thought a lot," said Digger Smith-
"Out There I thought a lot.
I thought uv death, an' all the rest,
An' uv me mates, good mates gone West;
An' it ain't much I've got;
But things get movin' in me 'ead
When I look over there," 'e said.
"I've seen so much uv death," said 'e,
"Me mind is in a whirl.
I've 'ad so many thoughts uv late." . . .
Said I, "Now, tell me, tell me straight,
Own up; ain't there a girl?"
Said 'e, "I've done the best I can.
Wot does she want with 'arf a man?"
It weren't no use. 'E wouldn't talk
Uv nothin' but the sky.
Said 'e. "Now, dinkum, talkin' square,
When you git gazin' over there
Don't you 'arf want to cry?
I wouldn't be su'prised to see
An angel comin' out," said 'e.
The gold was creepin' up, the sun
Was 'arf be'ind the range:
It don't seem strange a man should cry
To see that glory in the sky-
To me it don't seem strange.
"Digger!" said 'e. "Look at it now!
There must be somethin' else-some'ow."