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Pink Farm

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Total graves : 3219
Memorial names: 6393

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  COWAN, Lieutenant, JAMES GEORGE, 8/28. Otago Regiment, N.Z.E.F.. Killed in action 7th May 1915. Son of Mrs. A. M. Cowan, of Rotomanu, West Coast, New Zealand. Sp. Mem. 136.Photo

CROCKER, Captain, ROBERT CLIVE, 6th Bty. Australian Field Artillery. Killed in action 12th July 1915. Age 27. Son of Henry Sayers Crocker and Margaret Eleanor Crocker, of "Winfield," 31, Riversdale Rd., Haw-thorn, Victoria, Australia. Native of Windsor, Victoria. Sp. Mem. 22. Photo

DUTHIE, Lieutenant, ROBERT LEIPER MARTIN, 8/162. Otago Regiment, N.Z.E.F.. Died of wounds 12th May 1915. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Duthie, of Milton, Otago, New Zealand. Sp. Mem. 142. Photo

MILLS, Major, JOHN BRIER, 2nd Bde. Australian Field Artillery. Died of wounds 30th May 1915. Age 45. Son of George Alfred and Maria Mills; husband of Mrs. B. Mills, of Claremont Avenue, Claremont, Western Australia. Of New South Wales. IV. A. 13. Photo

Plot Numbering
Pink Farm
Pink Farm Cemetery is south west of the Redoubt on the road from Sedd el Bahr to Geoghegan's Bluff.

Pink Farm (properly Sotiri Farm) took its name from the red soil of the area. The three cemeteries which grew up around the farm were combined after the Armistice on the site of Pink Farm Cemetery No 3, and this cemetery was further enlarged when graves were brought in from other small burial grounds in the vicinity.
There are now 602 servicemen of the First World War buried or commemorated in this cemetery. 250 of the burials are unidentified, but special memorials commemorate 219 casualties known or believed to be buried among them.

Plot Numbering
The number of the Plot is indicated by a Roman numeral following the entry,the Row by a capital letter and the Grave by a number. Thus I.D.2 indicates Plot 1 Row D Grave 2. Plot II = Plot 2, Plot III = Plot 3 etc.In the Registers of Cemeteries that are not divided into Plots the Row is indicated by a capital letter following the entry and the Grave by a number. Thus D.12 indicates Row D Grave 12.

Special Memorials to officers and men known or believed to be buried in the cemetery are indicated by the letters "Sp.Mem" following the entry, by a capital letter shewing the group and by a number shewing the position in the group. thus "Sp.Mem. B.2" indicates Special Memorial, Group B, Number 2.
In those cemeteries where there is only one group the capital letter is omitted.


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