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The Red Baron's Last Flight
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The submarine AE2 under the command of Lt. Commander Harry Stoker, RAN, torpedoed and sank a gun-boat at Chanuk Bair at the time of the Gallipoli landing. He had written orders to penetrate the Dardanelles to sink any mine-dropping vessels and 'run amok generally'.
As the losses at Gallipoli mounted senior officers were divided on the subject of evacuation. The AE2's daring penetration of the straits and this victory were very positive factors in the tense atmosphere surrounding this decision.

Harry Stokers own book "Straws in the Wind" has been described as a classic story of submarine warfare. This book by Fred and Elizabeth Brenchley is no less classic for it being brand new. A 'Must-have' for students of the "Gallipoli Story'.

John Woods 31/03/01

Revue copy courtesy: Harper Collins. Publisher.

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