Are we in for another War of 250 Years?

The London bombings of 2005 has highlighted one aspect of the so called 'War on Terror'.

The War is unwinnable. When individuals not aligned with any Terrorist organization rush to strap bombs on their bodies and commit mayhem in the streets it is time to re-assess the situation.

The Middle East generated most of the theologies of the Western World. The differences at the core of these philosophies is being played out each day as news of more and more killings in horrifying and vivid detail reaches into our homes.

The Crusades through its 250 year duration did little beyond demonstrating the extent of the violence which can be generated by those fighting under the flag of a God.

George Bush will fare no better with his strong conviction that (the Christian) God is on his side. Equally convinced are the Muslim fundamentalists who know that Allah is on their side.
A no-win situation.

The Matrix in which we now live is becoming more unattractive day by day. To the social Engineers and politicians intent on building this Matrix, I say this:

Render unto the people that which is theirs and render to God only that which is His and Get the Hell out of the Middle East or we might find that we have embarked on yet another 250 year Crusade.