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The Red Baron's Last Flight
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Published first in 1965 - the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the campaign at Gallipoli, Robert Rhodes James's objective in writing this book was to describe the campaign in the words of those who served on the Peninsula, and not only in those of the commanders and politicians. In having access to a startlingly large quantity of letters and diaries from participants, most of which had been touchingly preserved by relatives and friends of long-dead loved ones, he was able to achieve this. He writes:
"In a sense, it (the book) was a labour of love, and to visit Gallipoli in the height of summer in 1962, when the trenches were still obvious and the debris of the campaign lay everywhere, was both an exhilarating and a chilling experience." He continues:
"To a new generation of readers of this youthful endeavour I can only express the hope that the voices, the fears, the sulkings and the achievements of those long gone will become as close to them as they always have been to me."
Highly recommended reading.

John Woods 31/03/01

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